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Masjid Building Project

As a religious community, we have been established in a contributing to the betterment of the city and community for more than 30 years; promoting excellence and unity in the community, and organizing annual events such as Unite the Family programs, June-teeth celebration of freedom parades, community talent contest, and healthy cultural festivals in the park. We have been a major city partner working with law enforcement and community leaders to reduce drug trafficking in various areas of the city.

In keeping with out mission to establish productive community life in and serve as healthy citizens of the city of Wilmington and New Hanover County, we have began plans to add to out city's list of first by building the first Mosque built from the ground up in the city. This will not only serve the Muslim community but will also serve as a symbol of renewal, life productivity, cultural development, and community enhancement.

4029 Princess Place Drive in Wilmington NC will be the new home of the Tauheed Islamic Center. The new 3,500 square foot mosque it's something Muslims in the Port City say is very much needed. 

You can also help this commendable fundraising initiative with a tax deductible contribution of any amount by writing check as well. Make checks payable to TIC or Tauheed Islamic Center and mail to:

Building Fund


721 Castle Street,Wilmington, NC 28401

For more information please call:910-612-0983910-343-8034

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